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Holiday rentals close to Chassiron light house on the island of Oleron.

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If you dream of an island atmosphere, alone at the end of the world for your next vacation,  the village of Saint-Denis d'Oléron could meet your wishes ... Ready for the adventure? Discover our holiday rentals close to Chassiron light house at the far west of the island of Oleron.

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Our accommodation Close to Chassiron light house

Here are our holiday rental offers on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. We select each holiday accommodation proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. You can also discover some other areas of the island such as La Côtinière or Vert Bois.

Rent an accommodation close to Chassiron light house

Saint-Denis d'Oléron is the most northern point village of the whole island. When you look at it on a map, it almost feels like it's on the edge of diving into the ocean. At its extremity, as if braving the power of the waves, is the northern point of the island of Oleron, dominated by the lighthouse of Chassiron, a sort of guardian of the strait which separates the island of Ré and the island of Oleron. His role is not symbolic, for it is he who guarantees the maritime safety of the pertuis of Antioch. Its measurements command respect and admiration: 46 meters high, with 224 steps, with a diameter of 18 meters, with foundations plunging to 3 meters underground to guarantee greater resistance to the building, often tried bythe natural elements. Not forgetting the 28 miles or 50 kilometers traveled by its light beam or its 8 panels constituting an optical system among the oldest still in use. During your walk to the lighthouse, you will no doubt have noticed the plate that adorns one of the flanks and which reads: \"Here, since the dawn of time, men and the island have together undergone the hard law of the ocean which is always victorious. \"Here again, the inhabitants live in a great respect for nature, without any will or illusion to subdue it. Another manifestation of this allegiance to the environment is the fascination that time has not blunted for the reef of Antioch. It is scarcely visible off the coast, but it still fascinates the inhabitants of the north of the island who tell that when the sea is unleashed, the waves that can reach it can reach fifteen meters high. It was not until 1913 (and dozens of shipwrecks of wine and salt shops) that a beacon of light and sound signaled the presence of the rock.To take full advantage of this small part of the world, as this village is called, it is recommended to appreciate the beauty of the sea and to seek the iodized and invigorating odor of spray.Is the rental of an apartment on the island of Oléron suit more your aspirations? My Home In will satisfy you.