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A charming small seaside resort entirely oriented towards the ocean, Le Grand Village Plage is a corner of the island which is so much appreciated by the holiday makers. And we understand why: it promises you great moments of relaxation and well-being in a perfectly preserved and natural setting. Between ocean, marshes and large pine forest, this enchanting piece of land (an area no bigger than 6 km²) is full of riches and attractive features that will make of your holiday an authentic break to the stress accumulated throughout the year.

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Here are our holiday rental offers in Le Grand Village Plage on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. My home in offers you also holiday accommodation in Saint Pierre d'Oléron or in Marennes Les Bains.

Rent an accommodation in Le Grand Village Plage on Oleron island

First of all, the quality of your rest will be associated with new habits. For example, in Grand Village Plage, we like to travel by bike. Even the smallest or the most uncertain will be safe. Nothing could be more pleasant than to go to the beach of La Giraudière in two shakes of a lamb’s tail! Ah yes, small precision that has its importance: this beach is one of the most beautiful of all the island of Oléron! Wherever you go, bike paths and hiking trails cross the village from East to West and from South to North. You will even find sports paths that will help you acquire an Olympic form. Once, facing the ocean, you have the choice: swimming, surf ( reputed spot), sand yachting ... Be assured: every member of the family will find his aquatic activity! Another unmissable place is the port of the Salines, which has a salt marsh of the Oléron type, like those that have covered the south of the island of Oléron for centuries. Still in activity, you can contemplate the saunier while picking the fleur de sel and, during the summer, he will harvest in front of you the coarse salt. The salt loft, where he stores his produce, also serves as a store to market the fruit of his labor. You have just found the souvenir full of flavors that you will bring back to those who do not have the chance to be with you on the island of Oléron. To learn more about this secular art, take advantage of guided tours of the salt marsh. An interpretation trail and boat rentals will also allow you to discover the place at your own pace. And not to be missed for anything in the world, once a week, the Port des Salines becomes the setting for a farmer's market. An ancestral tradition and water sports galore, in Grand Village Plage we do not deny ourselves the pleasure!