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Situated exactly between the villages of Saint-Pierre and the Château d'Oléron, Dolus stretches from the east coast to the west coast of the island of Oléron. This double exhibition offers a very wide variety of landscapes: woods and pine forest where it is so pleasant to pedal in the shade of one-hundred-year-old trees, swamps that you will like to stride along on foot, vines that provide this small wine that one appreciates so much with a seafood platter, orchards and market gardeners that we never tire of filling our baskets with daily markets ... Find your accommodation in Dolus !

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Our accommodation in Dolus d'Oleron

Here are our holiday rental offers in Dolus d'Oleron on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. My home in offers you also holiday accommodation in Chateau d'Oléron or La Bree Les bains.

Rent an accommodation in Dolus d'Oleron on Oleron island

... not forgetting the oyster sites that provide the best seafood in the region . On the east side of the island there are the main oyster sites of Dolus, notably the small port of La Baudissière. There, the multicolored cabins of the peasants of the sea, as they are accustomed to name in the surroundings, take part in the typical charm of this frontage of the island. Some of them have been rehabilitated and now serve as workshops for local artists or craftsmen. The vast majority of the other cabins are dedicated to the culture of crustaceans. By the way, we advise you not to deny yourself the pleasure and  allow yourself the luxury of an on-site tasting. Their subtle tastes are inimitable and they will never seem fresher than a few meters from the parks where they are grown. On the West Coast, change of situation! It is the beach which has the place of honour. Vert-Bois and La Rémigeasse offer, for kilometers, two of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Oléron. Its large fine sandy stretches are ideal for swimming and its marshes, nearby, are suitable for bird watching. It is in Dolus d'Oleron that Le Marais aux oiseaux has established itself as a must for nature lovers. At Dolus, fun, relaxation, shellfish and crustaceans will be on the program every day!