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The village of Saint-Denis d'Oléron is a small peculiarity on the whole island. Indeed, it represents one of the most appreciated places of the island for two good reasons. The first is that it is the most northerly municipality of the island. Find your holiday rental in Saint Denis d'Oleron.

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Our accommodation in Saint Denis d'Oleron on Oleron island

Here are our holiday rental offers in Saint Denis d'Oleron on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. My home in offers you also holiday accommodation in Vert Bois ou close to the Chassiron lighthouse at the far end of the island.

Rent an accommodation in Saint Denis d'Oleron on Oleron island

Thanks to this, it has maintained an exceptional environment where nature, authenticity and leisure activities evolve in perfect harmony. The second lies in its geographical location which makes of it the most remote village of the bridge that connects the island to the continent. This location has long made of it a place little known to holidaymakers. The sailors, meanwhile, know well this point of the island because there throne majestically the lighthouse of Chassiron. Completed in the early nineteenth century, its role is essential in the maritime security of the dangerous sector of the pertuis of Antioch. Still operating with a light beam exceeding 50 kilometers range, you can however climb the 224 steps and admire the panoramic view. For those who would not have the courage to climb the stairs, they will be able to visit on the ground floor the museum devoted to the people of the sea and the daily life of the inhabitants of the island of Oléron. Now that the whole family is up to date on the history and traditions of the island, you have deserved a good sea bath on the beach of the Boirie, lined with its famous multicolored cabins. The whole thing looks a bit like a postcard that we would like to send as a witness of the good times we take! Then, a little tour to the marina is essential: the very opportunity to discover local products and to stock up on gastronomic dishes! Enchanting restaurants, regional product sales or fish products... The basin and the commercial area are reserved for pedestrians, which makes the walk even more pleasant.