Practical information about Oleron island

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Nicknamed "The luminous" on account of the intensity of the light that adorns with a halo the slightest nooks and confers to this end of earth a magical atmosphere, being fixed in place back in the day, the island of Oléron has conquered the heart of many holiday makers who want to take advantage of all the benefits in summers. Don’t be worry, the island is generous and welcoming! A prominent place is reserved for you if you decide to succumb to the island charms of this destination which guarantees you the sun and a relaxation from the first moments. Oléron has long benefited from this isolated character of the islands, cut off from the continent and not easily accessible. Only highly motivated tourists having their sea-legs could reach this inaccessible little corner of paradise. This is probably what preserved the shores of the invasion of concrete constructions that have raged on other French seaside. 

It was not until the 1960s that the bridge linking this Eldorado to the continent was built. This building embodies from the oldest bridge in France joining an island to a continent. Since its access is free, families looking for peace, nature lovers and bathers have discovered an island as charming as picturesque as it is so enjoyable to cycle! The other local specialty that will make happy in the ranks of fans of iodized flavors is the oyster culture. Located opposite two river estuaries draining large quantities of fresh water, the island of Oléron has made the culture of the oyster an art that is enjoyed throughout the year, and preferably in front of the sea. As you guessed, living on the island of Oleron is a guarantee of serenity and guarantees you to get your fill of iodized air, swimming and flavors to share with family or with friends.

Get ready for a holiday trip to Oleron island!

How to get there?

Car: from Bordeaux, follow the A10 motorway. Take exit 25 at Saintes, direction Oléron island. The journey is estimated at 2h30.If you come from Nantes, you will reach your destination in a little less than 3 hours. Take the A83 motorway to La Rochelle exit, then Marans / La Rochelle / Rochefort / Oléron island.If you are Parisian, follow the A10 motorway: Exit La Rochelle / Rochefort, then follow Surgères / Rochefort / île d'Oléron. In 6 hours drive, you will be on a dream island.Important things to know: The bridges of the Charente to Rochefort, the Seudre to Marennes or La Tremblade and Oléron are free.

Train: the island of Oleron, as well as the Marennes basin, are not directly served by the train. The easiest way is to take the railway stations of La Rochelle (if you are coming from Paris), Rochefort (from Nantes) or Saintes (for Bordeaux). In all three cases, connections are provided by coaches or buses. You can book tickets at attractive prices if you combine train + car. Near the three railway stations you will also find car rental companies.Small trick of regular visitors for those who come from Paris by the TGV : do not go down to the station of La Rochelle. Givie priority to the previous stop, Surgères, then take the shuttle to Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron, passing by Marennes and Bourcefranc-le-Chapus. The journey in its entirety represents 4h30.

Plane: the airport of La Rochelle / Laleu is a small model that shinees throughout Europe. Low cost airlines allow you to land there at a lower cost.

Boat: note that the nostalgic of the time when the island was not yet attached to the continent can take the ferryboat Bourcefranc-le-Chapus. There is also a quick connection between La Rochelle and Boyard. Only in July and August, you can reach Saint-Denis de La Rochelle by using the services of Inter-islands Cruises.

When should we come?

From the first rays of sunshine in spring, summer temperatures are at the rendezvous. The terraces are practicable from the month of May with temperatures an average of 15 °. However, by June, you can forget your little wool and enjoy the first summer heat. The most favorable season extends from June to September : blue skies, ambient temperatures close to 25 ° C and a perfect water for swimming.

Good to know!

There are only a few inconveniences whatever the time of the year when you join the island of Oléron. It is true that in summer, tourists are numerous. Families enjoy its beaches and its exotic nature, enjoy for a weekend or a whole week. In winter, too, the local life is lively, the island continues to function for more than 20,000 inhabitants. In the spring, there is nothing more pleasant than to take his first sea bath of the year at the beach of the cove of Gatseau!