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Getting some distance between yourself and your daily concerns just for the holiday and making the most of the joys of island life ... This is now possible thanks to the offers of holiday villa rentals in Ile d'Oleron selected by My Home In.

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Summer holiday villas on Oleron island

Here are our holiday villas offers in ile d'Oleron. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment or a villa with pool.

Holiday villa rentals on Oleron island

What could be more revitalizing than living a few weeks on an island? You can already see yourself on the spot : the sun at the rendezvous for all the moments of the day, a daily life turned towards the sea: swimming, water sports, tasting of seafood platters and fish freshly caught by local sailors ... not forgetting, the contemplation in a romantic atmosphere of the sunset engulfed by the waves! But what if we come back a little more precisely on the delicious dishes that delivers us the ocean? You will be pleased to learn that shore fishing is the ancestor of the one we know today. On the island of Oléron, this fishing practice embodies one of the elements constituting the oléronnais cultural and geographical heritage. In the 19th century, the island of Oléron had a hundred fish locks. Today, there are hardly more than a dozen, many of them on the municipality of Saint-Georges, on the coast between l’Ileau and Chaucre. Despite their apparent strength, these buildings are very fragile, without taking into account the lack of maintenance, the weakening  of the swell and the human degradations that have overcome many of them. These fish traps are represented in the form of horseshoe-shaped walls, built according to an ancient and learned method. No mortar is necessary for their elaboration. It is more exactly a nesting of stones that must be strong enough to withstand strong swells. Today, the \"mareyants\" repeat tirelessly the same gestures as their ancestors of old, the \"lockers\". Under the leadership of their \"head of lock\", they fish in turn and raise their walls. What a beautiful tribute to the know-how of yesteryear! If you are a fan of maritime landscapes, we advise you to take a look at the selection of houses that My Home In has reserved for you at the lighthouse of Chassiron.