Tourism in Oleron island

On the island of Oleron, there is no shortage of cultural, historical or aquatic entertainments! There is something to suit all tastes and all wishes... The eight municipalities that make it up, from East to West and from North to South, are as many places to be visited, where there is revealed some parts of exciting stories, from the Middle Ages to the present, to be discovered while enjoying the sun and the joys of swimming. In order to reach each of these villages which are worth the detour, take the cycle paths that crisscross the island. 

No less than 200 kilometers of roads arranged and reserved for the bike so as to be one step ahead of the wonders that populate the island! This network is part of the sustainable development policy of the municipalities of Oléron, which is based, among other things, on encouraging mobility that is concerned with preserving the surrounding nature and encouraging the practice of eco-tourism. A bike ride, is undoubtedly the best way to go through the hectares of the great forest of Saint-Trojan. Therefore, you will entirely benefit from the calm and the beauty of the song of the birds. At the extreme northern point of the island, braving the power of the waves , there is the lighthouse of Chassiron, also known as Bout du monde ( the world’ s end). You will not be disappointed by the panorama of the ocean that will await you there!

At the other end of the island you will find a small train that will delight the nostalgic of the railcars and will delight the children. On 6 kilometers of track, this escapade on the rails is also fun and enjoyable. And did you know that the oil that was fed to the locomotives pulling the convoys was replaced with frying oil? After all these laughs, you will have deserved a refreshing and invigorating swim in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Sports enthusiasts can also try their hand at the sand yachting! Take care to rest a little, to take time for you and your family ... This is also the vacation on the island of Oleron!