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Château d'Oléron is located at the southeast end of the island of Oleron, facing the mainland. It is true that it is the second largest city on the island in terms of population, but the great fans of seafood know it mostly as the oyster capital. Its harbor, one of the most important oyster producers in the Marennes-Oléron basin, is really worth a visit. Find your accommodation in Chateau d'Oleron !

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Here are our holiday rental offers in Chateau d'Oleron on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. My home in offers you also holiday accommodation in Saint Pierre d'Oleron or in Saint Denis d'Oleron.

Rent an accommodation in Chateau d'Oleron on Oleron island

To the pleasure of the taste buds is added that of the maritime landscape and the liveliness of the colorful old fishermen's huts along the channel. Today they are rehabilitated in artists' studios, they are visited and you can admire the work of the painters and artisans of the region. On-site tastings of seafood can be the highlight of your walk! Do not look any further for the castle which has given its name to this municipality full of activity and entertainment! The former medieval castle of the dukes of Aquitaine was once built on the site of the present citadel ... Its visit is a must for all holidaymakers of the island of Oleron who respects each other. Thus you will know everything about the will for reconstruction ordered by Richelieu in person, on the stratagem of crossfire of the cannons of the citadel and Fort Louvois imagined by Colbert to make the run of Oléron impassable ... Almost totally destroyed by allied bombing, the citadel patiently waited decades before being rehabilitated. Today, his visit will reveal the exciting aspects of the history of France. Taxes that Richelieu debited on the salt road to the ambitions of impregnable fortifications of Vauban ... Do not miss to admire in the powder magazine a bas-relief dating from 1705. In summer, guided tours with fancy-dress of the citadel will invite all the family to travel through time. Have the courage to go up to the ramparts. You will be rewarded by a breathtaking view of the sea. The most morning people will see the departure of oyster farmers at dawn. At the end of the day, the lovers will be able to bill and coo in front of the striking colors of a sunset over the ocean. A dream vacation on the horizon!