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Holiday rental in Saint Georges d'Oleron on Oleron island

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At Saint-Georges, it is up to you to choose between the lively ocean waves which are particularly appreciated by surfers and the peaceful bathing of the continental beaches, that are so much appreciated by families. Find your holiday rental in Saint Georges d'Oleron for a short or long stay on the island.

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Here are our holiday rental offers in Saint Georges d'Oleron on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. My home in offers you also holiday accommodation in Chateau d'Oléron or in La Bree Les bains.

Rent an accommodation in Saint Georges d'Oleron on Oleron island

Overall, this represents 16 kilometers of beach that are waiting for you! Indeed, this municipality has the immense advantage of having a frontage on each of the two coasts of the island. That makes of it the largest village on the island of Oléron: 4 700 hectares, spread over several market towns, villages and hamlets, all of which have a history and traditions that will bring a touch of authenticity to your holidays.

Sauzelle, one of the oldest village center of the municipality, is surrounded by ancient salt marshes that once made its wealth. Today, the salt merchant have been replaced by livestock farmers, oyster farmers and shellfish farmers. The nearest beach is the Gautrelle. The village of Les Sables Vignier is lined with wooded dunes and offers an exceptional view on the wild coast. Its fine sandy beach is so famous that the inhabitants of the whole island rush for a little dip at the slightest opportunity. As for Domino, this little village embodies one of the highlights of the island of Oléron. We will have guessed where his funny name comes from: \"dominates from the high\" become with time \"Domino\". Domino is the second highest point of the island, located at the top of the Great Dune, 31 meters above sea level. A pine forest connects the beach of Domino to that of Chaucre. The legend of the island likes to say that this village was once a landmark of brigands who attracted the ships on the rocks to plunder them. Not forgetting the Douhet and the celebrated Boyardville, inseparable of this unmissable place of the island of Oléron which is called strong Boyard. There are so much varieties and richness in this charming municipality of Saint-Georges!