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From the pretty little holiday house rental in the heart of the village, take full advantage of the soothing and family atmosphere of La Brée les bains. It seems that time has suspended the flow there, there’s nothing for you but to savor the summer at the pace of the tides ... Choose your next villa rental in La Bree Les Bains on Oleron island!

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Here are our holiday villas offers in La Bree les Bains, Charentes Maritimes. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in offers you also the possibility to villa on the entire island or in the village of Saint Trojean.

Rent a villa in La Bree les Bains for a summer holiday

Like Pierre Loti, who never stopped praising the beauties of this former seaside resort, the Podalydès brothers, in their film Liberté Oléron, imagine the misadventures of a father on holiday. Each scene also reveals a natural setting, an unmistakable witness to the beauties and diversity of the landscape. Among other things, there is the 15th century miter mill with its conical roof and the vestiges of its wheel which make it possible to spot it wherever you are in La Brée les bains. Did you know that it is the only mill on the island of Oléron who was able to preserve its internal mechanism, preciously sheltered by its cap in tiles of chestnut? Remembrance of the occupation of the English in 1400! You can admire the generosity of its exterior curves, but the secret of its mechanism remains sealed inside the building that is no longer visited ... However, the salt marshes of the surroundings have wonders to reveal to you. For example, the long tradition of harvesting salt to be discovered in one of the many salt producers, who have made of it an art of living. It is always nice to bring in a suitcase of white gold that will bring an iodized touch to your dishes throughout the year. The sunshine and influence of the ocean also have a very beneficial influence on the ripening of the grapes. Winegrowers from father to son for four generations, the Pinard family (well-named winegrowers) will be happy to let you discover their vineyard with a great diversity of grape varieties. Discover one of the best local beans on the island of Oléron, with some tasting! In order to get an accurate idea of ​​the typical places that you should not miss on the island of Oléron, the safest and most pleasant way is to take the Chassiron train. Before arriving at the lighthouse, you will pass through the most emblematic villages of the island, the wild coast in order to identify your next bathing spot and the fish locks that operate according to tidal schedules.If you want to get even closer to the most beautiful beaches of the island of Oléron, My Home In has selected magnificent house rentals.