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Wide beaches, pine forests, mild climate: three ingredients that will make of your summer vacation an unforgettable moment that you will like to talk about throughout the year. Discover our villa rentals in Saint Trojan Les Bains on the island of Oleron.

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Here are our holiday villas rentals in Saint Trojan on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in offers also villas to rent on Oleron island or in the village of Chateau d'Oleron.

Rent a villa in Saint Trojan les Bains

Saint-Trojan has not always been the seaside town you know today. From small fishing port, she fought to climb on the first steps of the podium of the most popular spots of the island of Oléron. It was indeed until the end of the nineteenth century that this charming town of the island of Oléron acquires its letters of nobility. The addition to his name of the mention \"les Bains\" officially celebrates the qualities of seaside resort of the coastal village. Previously, enclosed between the sea, the marsh and the dune, the village lived at the pace of the salt and the fishermen. Then, the appearance of the fashion of the sea baths and the recognition of their benefits modify the status of Saint-Trojan. Since its fame has only grown and its followers are more and more numerous and faithful. They know how to benefit from the exceptional sunshine and the micro-climate, which make Saint-Trojan-les-bains the site par excellence on the island of Oléron suitable for marine cures. This is reflected in the presence of a thalassotherapy center and two climatic establishments, open all year round. The architecture of the city has also been modified in favor of the adoption of codes specific to the seaside towns. You will be able to admire, during your walks, the typical villas of the secondary residences of the beginning XXe century, and also beautiful houses with Basque, Anglo-Norman or neo-Gothic inspirations. Each one participates in giving, like a parcel of a large and beautiful mosaic, indications on the seaside resort run and crested that it could be at its beginnings. However, if you are more tempted by the winter sports than by thalassotherapy, you will find what your looking for on the island of Oléron, in the pretty village of Grand Village Plage. My Home In has selected for you properties that have a very good value for money.