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If your concept about holiday involves long moments of idleness on a paradisiacal beach, you must stay, on the island of Oléron, in Grand Village Plage. Discover our villas to rent in Le Grand village on the island of Oleron.

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Here are our villas to rent offers in Le Grand Village, on the island of Oleron, Charentes Maritimes. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in also proposes villas to rent in Oleron island and in the village of La Bree Les Bains.

Rent a villa in Le Grand Village on Oleron island

All the locals agree that the most beautiful beach on the island is the Giraudière. Preceded by a state-owned forest planted in the 19th century to contain the advance of the dunes, the Giraudière beach is oriented right to the west, which gives it perfect conditions of sunshine and wind speed. Three kilometers of white sand at the Atlantic, just for you and your family. Toning waves for bathers and surfers, small pools specially designed for swimmers, everything is planned! One of the great benefits of this beach (among many others) is that you can always swim there. Whatever the tide might be! Moreover, it is very easily accessible by a bike path or a pedestrian path. Those who would prefer to conserve all their energy to face the waves or who are well loaded by the equipment necessary for the construction of the sand castles can borrow a small train. Besides the ocean swimming and surfing that make the spot of Grand Village Plage one of the most famous of the region, its long sandy beach also make it possible to devote itself to the pleasures of the sand yacht. During the summer period, in order to guarantee the safety of all, this practice is reserved for schools. The initiation of this very complete sport is possible from 9 years. What if the whole family do it at the same time? Be aware that sand yachting is considered as the most accessible water sport. Indeed, from the end of the first session, you will be very comfortable in driving and controlling your craft which will always split the winds of the ocean faster. It is not uncommon for novices to reach 60 km / h. Do not be afraid, your children will love these feelings of speed!After all your efforts, you will have well deserved your seafood platter cultivated in the oyster villages of the surroundings.Other villages on the island of Oleron also have other attractive features that will make of your holiday a privileged moment to take some rest, lulled by the spray. My Home In  have reserved a selection for you